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The Beckmann Family at Millcreek Canyon~Utah Family Photography

This is the adorable Beckmann Family.  We went up to Millcreek Canyon & had a fantastic shoot.   They were lots of fun & really showed their personalities.  And their dog was as cute as can be.  I love how they coordinated everyone including the dog in their color scheme. They all look awesome.  Thanks to the Beckmann family for letting Swensen Photography take their family portrait.  We had a great time.

Fun Photography Tips & Ideas~Posted on The Bride and

We wrote up a fun article for our friends at The Bride and to help brides think of some fun photography ideas.  It was such a fun topic.  Here is the link where are article is: The Bride and  We hope it helps you come up with some new creative ideas for your next photo shoot.  If you need more ideas or want something specific for your next photo session, be sure to give us a call at 801-253-4111.  We love creative sessions.

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What Colors to Wear for Photo Shoot~Tips & Ideas

What Colors to wear for your photo shoot

(I love the use of fall colors here & the red is just a great touch, not too much)

Colors~ We love to see Greens, blues, blacks & turquoise as base colors.  You can always accent with more dominant colors like Pink or Red but don’t use them as a main color they become too dominant & take away focus from the subjects face.  Try to stay away from yellow unless using it as an accent color. One of my favorite color schemes for the fall is brown, orange, tan & maybe a hint of maroon.  Make sure you choose tones that go well together & that fit the look of what you are going for.  Family pictures up at little cottonwood during the fall are fantastic.  The leaves are bright & colorful, there are lots of fun rocks & areas to take great shots.  When using the outdoors try to pull in some of those colors in your wardrobe, you will be amazed at how good you look when you go with the colors in nature.

Color contrast~ Don’t wear colors that will wash your face out.  If you wear a color that is too much like your skin tone you wont be as defined.  Try & stick with lighter or darker tones to give a good contrast between your skin color & you clothing.  Wearing all white or cream is one of my favorites, but it only works if there is a good contrast between skin color.  If you have olive skin color or a darker complexion white just may be a great fit for you.  You can always add other colors as accent colors if you want as well.

Matching~ You don’t have to be perfectly matching, in fact we prefer you aren’t.  Looking like you belong together is much more important than making sure every is matching.  Try keeping with a few colors (2 no more than 4- we typically recommend using 3 colors) that go well together & make sure the tones you choose look good together.

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What to wear for your photo shoot Planning Your Photo Shoot~Tips & Ideas,  & Choose Your Style.

Planning for your Photo Shoot~Tips & Ideas for your next Photo Shoot

Planning for your photo shoot~Tips & Ideas

Where will you put a framed picture~ If you are wanting a family picture on your wall & you have certain colors from your home you want tied into your picture this is a great time to do so. Why not coordinate clothing so that you will want to hang up a large picture in your home & the colors go perfectly.  You may spend a lot of money on framed artwork.  Why not make it a framed family picture instead.

Communicate if you want something specific~ We love creative customers.    We have lots of great ideas too so let’s collaborate and make the best images possible for you. At Swensen Photography we really focus on the classy look.  We want to give you images of your family that you are proud to hang on your wall.  We love the WOW factor, those are great pictures.  That is what we want to give to you.

Bring your favorite prop~ When it comes to props, think about what it is you are wanting to show with the prop.  If you child wears a superman cape around the house all day, maybe having one shot where everyone wears or brings something that fits their personality.  Maybe it won’t be the picture you want to blow up & hang on the wall, but it is one for the scrapbook for sure.  You will want to remember the fun things your kids do to show their personality. Hats, hair piece, flowers, favorite stuffed animal, bridal bouquet, Signs that say things like: “All because two people fell in love”, “Thank You!”, “Happily Ever After”.  We have had brides want to use thank you signs in a picture so they can insert it for wedding thank you cards.  The sky is the limit when it comes to props, just don’t choose something that will overtake your family being the focus point.  We also don’t recommend using props in every picture. We want to be sure you get many classic images without props as well.

Be sure to check out our galleries in on our website, Swensen, to see lots of great examples & get ideas for your next photo shoot.

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What to Wear for Your Photo Shoot~Choose Your Style

Choose your style for you photo shoot

Style~Deciding what look what want is the easy part.  Getting everyone to stay on the same page may be the hard part. We tell our clients to pick a style & stick with it.  When choosing a dress code the important thing is to make sure that everyone is in the same dress code.  If someone is wearing a dressy outfit and another person a t-shirt and shorts it just doesn’t go together.  Make sure everyone gets the dress code memo.  I often hear that studio shots need to be dressy & outside shots need to be casual.  This just isn’t the case at all.  There is no rule on where & when to be dressy or casual.  Here is the trick, it is all about the look you want & the setting you have.  Props can help set the right atmosphere as well as backdrops and what style you want to portray.  Casual looks are great in studio settings as well as the outdoors and same goes with the formal look. We have some great backdrops for either a casual look or a formal look.

Simple~ When picking outfits for your photo shoot our biggest rule is keep it simple.  Try to avoid patterns that overtake and would become a focus point.  You don’t want any particular person to stand out more than another.  Another great rule is keep in mind the style of clothes you are wearing for your photo shoot.  You don’t want to wear something that will be noticeably dated in a couple years.

Comfort~ Wear what you think you look good in & feel good in. If you aren’t comfortable or don’t think you look good in a particular outfit then by all means don’t wear it to your photo shoot.  The way you feel & think about yourself will show up in your images.  Pick something you know you look good in.  Mom’s this goes for you in picking out what your little ones will wear as well.  Heaven knows that it takes all I have to get my little one to wear what I want her to wear.  If your kids don’t like what they are wearing then they won’t be happy & it will show in your shots.

Here are a couple of tips for all you Moms out there: Let the kids be somewhat involved, whether it be helping to pick out a certain color or style, just be consistent with all the kids.  Start with your pickiest child first then go with the next trying to keep the same theme so no one looks out of place.

Dress for the occasion~ Maybe you are needing pictures for a head shot at work, if so be sure to dress accordingly.  If you want a more formal family look, dress accordingly same with the casual look.  Think ahead of time what you really want the images for, scrapbook memories, wall decoration, sit on your desk at work, or give to family as gifts. Everyone has different needs & purposes in getting pictures done, ask yourself what do I want to do with the pictures & do what works for you.

Highlight best features~ For women you want to create an hour glass figure.  You can do this by accenting the skinniest part of your waist by using a belt.  Often time’s women try hiding their shape by wearing an A line top.  We don’t recommend that as it tends to make women look bigger than they really are, even small framed women.

Lengthen neck~ Choose tops that help lengthen the neck.  We typically don’t recommend turtle necks as they tend to shorten the neck.  If you wear a button down shirt make sure you don’t button it all the way to the top.

Not too tight~ Wear form fitting clothes but not too snug.  When you wear clothing that is a little too tight it can show off small bulges you’d rather kept hidden.

Sleeves~ We recommend normal sleeves as the cap sleeves tend to cut off at the larger part of the arm making them look larger.

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