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Happy Baby Maddox~Family Photography

We had a great time hanging out with baby Maddox.  He is so adorable.  Just look at those big blue eyes.   Our entire office wanted to get Maddox to smile.  He was so fun. :)    What a beautiful family they are.  Thanks for letting Swensen Photography capture your sweet family & especially Maddox, he couldn’t be cuter.

Studio Photography~Utah Photography

With the changing of the weather, many of our clients request to come inside for their photo shoot.  Studio photography can be lots of fun.  There are great props, stools, benches & lots of fun stuff that we can use in our studio to create incredible images for you & your loved ones.  Here are some images that were taken in our studio.

What Colors to Wear for Photo Shoot~Tips & Ideas

What Colors to wear for your photo shoot

(I love the use of fall colors here & the red is just a great touch, not too much)

Colors~ We love to see Greens, blues, blacks & turquoise as base colors.  You can always accent with more dominant colors like Pink or Red but don’t use them as a main color they become too dominant & take away focus from the subjects face.  Try to stay away from yellow unless using it as an accent color. One of my favorite color schemes for the fall is brown, orange, tan & maybe a hint of maroon.  Make sure you choose tones that go well together & that fit the look of what you are going for.  Family pictures up at little cottonwood during the fall are fantastic.  The leaves are bright & colorful, there are lots of fun rocks & areas to take great shots.  When using the outdoors try to pull in some of those colors in your wardrobe, you will be amazed at how good you look when you go with the colors in nature.

Color contrast~ Don’t wear colors that will wash your face out.  If you wear a color that is too much like your skin tone you wont be as defined.  Try & stick with lighter or darker tones to give a good contrast between your skin color & you clothing.  Wearing all white or cream is one of my favorites, but it only works if there is a good contrast between skin color.  If you have olive skin color or a darker complexion white just may be a great fit for you.  You can always add other colors as accent colors if you want as well.

Matching~ You don’t have to be perfectly matching, in fact we prefer you aren’t.  Looking like you belong together is much more important than making sure every is matching.  Try keeping with a few colors (2 no more than 4- we typically recommend using 3 colors) that go well together & make sure the tones you choose look good together.

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Planning for your Photo Shoot~Tips & Ideas for your next Photo Shoot

Planning for your photo shoot~Tips & Ideas

Where will you put a framed picture~ If you are wanting a family picture on your wall & you have certain colors from your home you want tied into your picture this is a great time to do so. Why not coordinate clothing so that you will want to hang up a large picture in your home & the colors go perfectly.  You may spend a lot of money on framed artwork.  Why not make it a framed family picture instead.

Communicate if you want something specific~ We love creative customers.    We have lots of great ideas too so let’s collaborate and make the best images possible for you. At Swensen Photography we really focus on the classy look.  We want to give you images of your family that you are proud to hang on your wall.  We love the WOW factor, those are great pictures.  That is what we want to give to you.

Bring your favorite prop~ When it comes to props, think about what it is you are wanting to show with the prop.  If you child wears a superman cape around the house all day, maybe having one shot where everyone wears or brings something that fits their personality.  Maybe it won’t be the picture you want to blow up & hang on the wall, but it is one for the scrapbook for sure.  You will want to remember the fun things your kids do to show their personality. Hats, hair piece, flowers, favorite stuffed animal, bridal bouquet, Signs that say things like: “All because two people fell in love”, “Thank You!”, “Happily Ever After”.  We have had brides want to use thank you signs in a picture so they can insert it for wedding thank you cards.  The sky is the limit when it comes to props, just don’t choose something that will overtake your family being the focus point.  We also don’t recommend using props in every picture. We want to be sure you get many classic images without props as well.

Be sure to check out our galleries in on our website, Swensen, to see lots of great examples & get ideas for your next photo shoot.

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Why Choose Swensen Photography?~Utah Wedding Photography

Why Choose Swensen Photography?

Hiring a photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding.  I have read from many past brides how they wish they would have spent more money on their photographer or hired the photographer they really wanted but at the time they looked at other important aspects of their wedding as priorities.  Unfortunately the food & cake get eaten, the flowers die, the dress gets boxed up and all you have left is your photos.  Let me just say that you and your husband will share your memories with your parents, your future children and will look back at your pictures as a great way to remember the most wonderful day of your life, your wedding.  So here are just a few reasons on why to choose Swensen Photography.

Professional & Experienced Staff

We have Multiple, talented Photographers to ensure we meet all your needs.  We only hire the best and we know how to capture every moment of your special day.  We have been doing weddings and creating memories since 1993. Weddings are unpredictable and we are ready for anything.  Our head photographer is Justin.  Justin has loved photography since he was just a young child.  His dad had an old Rolleiflex camera that Justin was fascinated by and that struck the urge for him to learn more.  He started taking photography classes as soon as he could in high school and the rest is history.  Justin has an incredible gift for photography.  He is able to see what most of us can’t see through the lens and he doesn’t miss a thing.   His talent behind the camera, as well as his vision behind the computer, come together to create beautiful pictures you are sure to love.  Our other photographers are mainly used as a second camera for the packages that require complete coverage. All of our photographers are extremely talented and detail oriented and their vision behind the camera is remarkable.  They also are talented behind the computer editing and touching up little things to make your images perfection.

Award Winning Photography

Here is a list of just some of our awards:

2010 Numerous WPPI Accolades of Excellence
2010 Five awards of merit from the California Print competition
2009 1st Place IPPA Bridal Portrait
2009 1st Place PPA Regional Bridal Portrait
2009 2nd Place IPPA Bridal Portrait
2009 2nd Place PPA Regional Bridal Portrait
2009 3rd Place IPPA Wedding Portrait
2009 3rd Place PPA Regional Wedding Portrait
2008 1st Place IPPA Bridal Portrait
2008 1st Place IPPA Engagement Portrait
2008 2nd Place IPPA Bridal Portrait
2008 Fuji Masterpiece Award Winner
Selected for WPPI International Wedding Album
Kodak Gallery Award Winner

Incredible Standards

We hold ourselves to some very high standards to ensure our customers get the best images possible.  We love what we do & it shows in our work.   We want our customers to be just as happy as we are with our work.

Our Philosophy

Trust The Best! You only have one chance to get your wedding images right.  Don’t take a chance on a photographer who doesn’t have experience.  There are many unexpected things that happen at weddings, weather, accidents, disasters, we have seen it all.   We know how to overcome any unexpected event and still capture incredible images.  We also know how to capture the smallest detail of your wedding. You can’t redo a wedding.  Because of our many years of experience we will provide you with amazing images from start to finish, that you will love & will be proud to have on display.  Every picture will look good not just the ones we photo shop.  Many photographers shoot between 3000-5000 pictures and then delete the ones that aren’t good- they usually end up with about 600-800 pictures.  That is not what we do at Swensen Photography.  We take pictures start to finish without deleting unwanted images. All of our pictures are GREAT from start to finish.  There is no need to delete our pictures, we know how to get great shots & we do just that!

Personalization & Detail

We realize that everyone has specific needs and wants.  We pride ourselves in being flexible with our customers and strive to make each one happy.  Because we have such talented photographers we are able to do any style of photography that you like. You name it & we can do it!  This is your wedding, we want it to reflect your style & your look, not ours.  This is all about YOU!

Customer Service

We value our customers and want them to get the most out of their experience working with us.  At Swensen Photography we take pride in our work.  We give our clients high quality, amazing images that are timeless.  We have experienced photographers who have a passion for their work and want to make every picture perfect.  We put a lot of attention to detail when we are taking pictures, as well as the editing process afterwards. Because the density on cameras is not perfect we do fix things that other photographers don’t.  We have a patented system that takes good pictures and enhances them making them even better.  We color balance every picture and use photo shop to help edit any imperfections we may see.  Because of our talent we can edit as much or as little as our customers like.  Some clients like to have perfect look while others want the look the natural look.   We have an amazingly talented team that wants to give you just what you are looking for.  We go the extra mile to make sure that you get what you want.  We love working with our clients.

Don’t just settle when choosing a photographer, get the BEST~ call Swensen Photography TODAY~ 801-253-4111.

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